Genesee Brew House Pilot Batch Series

Since 2012, the Genesee Brew House has been a beloved beer destination in Rochester welcoming over 1 million visitors. It’s here that brewmaster Dean Jones uses more than 25 years of brewing experience to take his creations and brew them into delicious beers for all visitors of the Brew House to enjoy. From Salted Caramel Chocolate Porter to Scotch Ale and IPA, Jones has been creating Rochester’s favorite beers for years with the help of our friends and neighbors. Our tasting room has become an innovation center focused on input from our GBH fans. When the recipe is exactly how our beer drinkers like it, we send it next door to the world-class brewing facility where it is scaled up to commercial production. From kegs to cans, GBH is YOUR beer. Drink it cold, drink it fresh, drink it now.

Please Drink Responsibly

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