Professional Development

Professional Development Program

The FIFCO USA Professional Development Program (PDP) recruits top college graduates! As a PDP participant, you receive rigorous onboarding training, development and mentoring to support your career with FIFCO USA. The program builds a foundation to prepare individuals for dynamic careers with FIFCO USA. Once the first phase of training is complete, individuals earn sales positions in locations across the U.S. for two to three years.

Future opportunities are endless and could include promotion within the sales organization or the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain/Logistics
  • Brewery Operations
  • Finance
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An operator in the cold block

Who Should Apply?

Successful PDP candidates are driven to succeed. Their passion fuels their motivation. They easily build lasting relationships with customers and colleagues and earn their respect by using an analytical approach toward the business. PDP candidates are curious and like to explore the world. They are open to different geographies. MOBILITY IS A MUST and FIFCO USA helps you get there!

Are you inspired by purpose-driven companies? Please apply! Ideal candidates work with integrity and a strong sense of community.

Selecting Our Team

Our Talent Team visits college campuses to introduce FIFCO USA and discuss the PDP program. Interested candidates will have the opportunity to interview. After the initial vetting process, top candidates are flown to an off-site location to participate in a rigorous one-day selection process with company leaders.

Within 72 hours, participants receive offers to join the company. Compensation includes competitive salary, full benefits, paid time off and more!

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The PDP program has given me comfortability settling into my role with the company. With the excellent training program that was provided prior to starting, I gained all the necessary tools to be able to confidently accomplish goals and objectives. With any job there will always be uncertainty, but this program helped to feel prepared in my market and work to my best potential.

Liam Comerford, PDP Class 2018

What I would tell anyone applying for the PDP program is “GO FOR IT!” You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take. This is NOT an opportunity that you want to let pass you by. It will truly change your life forever.

DeUntay Bennett, PDP Class 2018

If I had to pick one thing that has really stood out about this program it has to be the relationships I have developed with the other hires in my class of “PDPers.” By the end of two weeks, you’re ready to go home there’s no doubt about that, but the relationships that are developed over those short two weeks are something that I will have over the course of the rest of my career. I will never forget my first national sales meeting in October a couple months after first being hired and getting my feet wet in the market and coming back to share stories with the friends I had made just a few weeks prior in Buffalo.

Danny Thomas, PDP Class 2018