Magic Hat Brewing Company

Magic Hat Brewing Company

Dare to Be Odd

Founded in 1994 by two beer-loving friends, Magic Hat is one of Vermont’s original craft breweries. The brewery continues the tradition of bringing surprise and delight to all who enjoy great beer, from the iconic #9 to the latest elixirs off our pilot system. Magic Hat is home to The Artifactory®, the nerve center of all things Magic Hat, including a tasting bar, retail store, and kitchen, serving a full food menu and pints of 15 different beers.

As with any art, our beer takes shape through equal parts chaotic chemistry, humble patience and blind faith. Each is a unique show and best shared in the rousing company of kindred spirits.

Artist Lineup

We have a wide range of performers putting on shows in your favorite craft beer venue:

  • Year-Round Performers: Always touring and never tiring, these classics entertain night after night: #9, Taken For Granite (TFG), Laughing Stock.
  • Variety Packs: Compilations spanning our entire catalogue of hits, playing rousing sets of old favorites and current staples: Jam Pak, Night of the Living Dead, and IPA Playlist.
  • The VT-Only Pilot Batch Program: Creative concoctions brewed on our 5-barrel pilot system and only available at our Artifactory and Vermont’s best beer bars and restaurants.

Please Drink Responsibly

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4 pack of Magic Hat #9 "Not Quite Pale Ale" 16 oz cans